Silicon Plant
Spokane Energy
Gas Line Worker
MWH Constructors
Gas Line Worker
Bulldozer Pushing Wood Chips Used for Energy
Gas Line Work
Gas Stove Flames Blue
Plumbing and Piping
Penstock Water Tunnel Canal
Overlooking Dam Spillway
Wicket Gate Actuator
spokane-energy-industrial-photographer-craig-sweat-photography 787.jpg
spokane-energy-industrial-photographer-craig-sweat-photography 788.jpg
spokane-energy-industrial-photographer-craig-sweat-photography 789.jpg
Dam Spillway
Avista Linemen Crew Working
Lineman With Spool of Power Line
Energy Grid
Blue Solar Panel
spokane-energy-industrial-photographer-craig-sweat-photography 08.jpg
Power Lines Over a Field
Linemen in Bucket Trucks
Linemen Drilling New Power Poles
Avista Lineman
Avista Lineman
Line Helicopter
Avista Lineman
Avista Crew
Avista Lineman
spokane-energy-industrial-photographer-craig-sweat-photography 805.jpg
Pyrotek Pump
Industrial Spokane Photographer
AVISTA Spokane Photographer
Grant County PUD Dam
Voith Dam Generator
Coyote Springs
Graphite Milling
Power Washing
Energy Insulators
Petri Dishes
"DUCKWORTH" Boat Welder
Grant County Public Utility District Potato Farm
MWH Constructors
Avista Palouse Wind Farm
Voith Grant Country Public Utility District
Avista Substation Utility Workers
Bouten HQ Mural